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Vistacon provides a range of bespoke public relations services, ranging from communication counsel and corporate public relations, through to crisis management, media relations, message development, and strategic advisory.

Vistacon provides customised, careful, intelligent communication counsel.

We work with principals and owners, especially in small firms and organisations, providing one-to-one counsel and strategic direction, addressing reputational risks, stress-testing communication plans, developing and sense-checking messaging, and providing crisis communications advice.

Vistacon is a candid friend – ‘with’ your business but not ‘within’ it, flagging the pitfalls and opportunities, helping you develop a unified and unique voice. Giving an honest, direct view even if it’s not what you want to hear. A valuable sounding board providing objective, independent advice.

Situations we have counselled include an examinership and cases before the Circuit and High Courts.

Vistacon provides strategic and tactical communication services for a broad range of clients.

The service we provide is customised for each client’s needs and controlled to achieve their goals.

Our Corporate PR plans blend strategic positioning, stakeholder engagement, message development, media relations, public affairs and crisis communications. The result is a unique and unified voice for your organisation that raises its profile and cements its reputation with the people that matter.

Vistacon has supported numerous public, private and third sector organisations at times of crisis.

We recognise that preparation, speed and transparency are the vital qualities for effective crisis management. For this reason, we put a crisis management strategy in every client communications programme. This includes crisis planning, communication counsel, and logistical support.

With foreseeable problems at the root of most reputational threats, the crisis management strategy is essential for ensuring that risks are flagged early and handled effectively, both to avert a crisis and to maintain and enhance your business reputation.

Our crisis management services include risk identification and assessment, crisis communications plans, media training for company spokespeople, tactical communication support for staff, channels to public, media and political stakeholders, and real-time reaction to breaking developments.

Vistacon gets the right message through the right media to the people that matter to you.

Our services include press releases, features, op-eds, media briefings and media monitoring.

For organisations with a story to tell, a product to sell, or a sensitive issue to manage, our expertise, experience and contacts in local, national and trade media wins positive coverage for our clients.

We also facilitate media training to prepare clients put their own case to the media.

Vistacon provides public affairs advice for clients engaging with local and national government.

As a Minister’s Adviser, Kealan Flynn gained in-depth, invaluable knowledge of how policy is made.

At Vistacon, we help our clients to understand the political, administrative and regulatory systems, we provide strategic counsel on how to navigate and engage them effectively, and we advise and analyse how developments in national and EU legislation and regulation may impact business.

Vistacon provides corporate strategy consulting services to the public sector, including government departments and organisations in the health care, social service and natural resource sectors.

We have a solid track record in research, evaluation, culture analysis, and strategic planning.



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