Business Strategy

Using a strategy-in-action approach, trainee hotel managers at the Shannon College of Hotel Management learn and simulate how the firms they will work for succeed in the market. Students explore all the big issues – environment and capability, purpose and culture, competitive and corporate strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation, leadership and change – using the case study method to learn who succeeds and how.

Health Policy

Ireland’s health services are forever in the spotlight. At NUI Galway, I teach health policy and health reform to second-year nursing and final-year politics undergraduates. Students look at policy issues like the planning, provision, resourcing and regulation of services; the reform programme underway in acute hospitals, primary care, mental health, homecare and community care; and the value of public health and limits of ‘cure’.

Political Reform

Is Ireland heading for another crash? Or have the politicians, the public service and the public learned the lessons of the last one? Students consider a range of reasons for the failure of politics prior to the collapse, and a series of reforms that should help us do politics better e.g. citizens assemblies, electoral reform, Dáil and Seanad reform, local government reform, and open government.