Corrigan College of Medicine – Cultural Web

The Corrigan College of Medicine* is an Irish medical school, aligned with one of the country’s seven hospital networks. We were engaged to identify, document and analyse the perceptions of internal stakeholders, supporting Corrigan College’s strategic objective to achieve best-in-class in people management.

Using the Cultural Web developed by Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes, we mapped the findings of a series of interviews under seven headings: stories, symbols, power structures, organisational structures, control systems, and routines and rituals. From this mapping, we identified the shared attitudes, beliefs, expectations, ideologies, philosophies and practices that together determine “how we do things around here”.

With this information, Corrigan College of Medicine is now better placed to plan and execute a strategic human resource management programme to attract, develop, reward and retain the best people. This will benefit the employees as individuals, underpin the strategic goals of the organisation as a whole, and support Corrigan College in its quest to be respected and competitive, nationally and internationally.